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June 20, 2010

Please support your local domestic violence center.

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Funds are in short supply to assist domestic abuser survivors in their escape and recovery. Helping women and children heal and find safety is essential for not only their well-being but society as a whole. Domestic violence accounts for excessive medical bills, loss of work hours/wages, loss of employment, and sometimes loss of life. Domestic violence does not just create another generation of abusers and victims, it creates criminals. According to a study shown here , there is an approximately doubling in crimes committed by child abuse/neglect survivors. Domestic violence creates a high stress environment with little emotional support. This can affect a child’s grades and future success in school and work. It also damages the self esteem and confidence of victims of all ages. To break the cycle of violence, we need a better safety net to help women and children escape and we need laws that better address the situation.

Any support that you can offer in this mission of hope will be greatly appreciated by the victims. If you cannot donate money, consider volunteering. You can also donate your unwanted household items to a domestic violence thrift shop (most centers have one.) Support politicians that are protective of victims of violence (not just Domestic Violence but all violence). Sign petitions to close the loopholes that abusers use to continue to stalk, harass, and abuse their victims. Anything that you can do will make a difference to someone and we cannot do this alone.

In Great Appreciation, Domestic Violence Centers that have assisted my son and I:
Peaceful Paths in Gainesville Florida
Child Advocacy Center in Gainesville, Florida
The Favor House in Pensacola, Florida


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