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June 15, 2010

Domestic Violence and the courts

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I failed to protect myself in court yesterday. I also failed to secure a petition to permanently relocate so that I can provide a better life for my child and I. It seemed to come down to opposing council shouting “parental alienation” and all of my expert witnesses and evidence being ignored. I was told that if I cannot adequately financially provide for my child and I in the city that we recently escaped then I could just go on welfare. I do not have the right to protect myself and I was told that protecting my child was abusive on my part. I was not even allowed to speak to the false allegations made against me, out of nowhere, by my ex and his parents (who will cover for each other to the bitter end no matter what their crimes.) My ex was permitted to speak to every allegation that I have made and I made only allegations that I know to be true. I was not given the same opportunity to defend myself from the lies that he told and I could prove that he was lying on many statements because his deposition (under oath) was totally different than what he said in court.

It makes no sense, the perpetrators have far more rights than their victims. I know it’s become a clique but I am experiencing that clique. Something has to be done to protect abused women in children in the US. We balk at the human rights violations happening in other countries while he thumb our noses at what happens in our own backyards.


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